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Crime Prevention and Education

By educating the community on crime prevention techniques and by getting citizens involved in crime prevention activities such as Neighborhood Watch, we can reduce the number of crimes in Granite City and increase the quality of life for its citizens. This section offers crime prevention tips, including information on how to prevent financial crimes, such as identify theft, and other general safety tips. Also available is information about programs and activities offered through the Police Department, vacation watch opportunities, and victim resources.

Disaster Preparedness

The region and climate of Granite City make the City susceptible to tornadoes, flooding and potentially earthquakes, which might result in the interruption of critical services such as power, water and communications. Citizens can minimize the impact of service interruptions by storing enough supplies to be self sufficient for three to five days without services. This page lists the items needed for your family disaster kit. There is also a list of links to sites that will help you prepare for certain disasters.

Fire Safety Tips

For over 100 years the Granite City Fire Department has provided fire protection to our community. In today’s fire service, fire is first fought with: fire prevention programs, building and fire codes, annual building inspections, the juvenile fire program, and fire education and safety programs. Preventing fires saves everyone! When fires do start the men and women of the Granite City Fire Department are highly trained and competent and will efficiently handle the task at hand. This page offers a list of fire prevention tips in addition to many useful links to more fire prevention tips, emergency medical tips, and disaster preparedness tips.


The Animal Control Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for protecting the general public from animal-related threats. In addition to that, we tend to injured animals, remove dead animals located within City limits and address all animal related issues and problems throughout the City, including minor nuisances. In this section you will find information on holiday safety tips, microchips, pet care and behavioral tips, pet disaster plan, rabies vaccination and licensing, and also having your pets spayed and neutered.

New Pet Owner's Guide

Property Maintenance Checklist Guide

The intent of the Granite City Property Maintenance Program is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens. We hope this guide will assist property owners, buyers, renters, realtors, property managers, and other interested persons in understanding the inspection program. This guide follows the check list used by the property maintenance inspectors and will provide a brief explanation of what the inspector is checking and the reason.

Safety Tips for Businesses

We strive to make our town as business-friendly as possible. This includes maintaining a low crime rate relative to the regional, state and national crime rates. Here you can find information on how to prevent check and credit card fraud, computer crimes, internal theft, and shoplifting prevention tips.

Streets and Sanitation

One of the responsibilities of the Streets & Sanitation Division of the Public Works Department is to maintain the health and safety of the community through the maintenance of roadways and the enforcement of the sanitary ordinances enacted by the City Council. This section offers information on the services provided by the streets and sanitation department and provides a way for you to report safety concerns such as potholes and burned out streetlights through our service request forms.