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The purpose of the Plan Commission is to maintain the City's Comprehensive Plan--a blueprint of future growth needs. The eleven members forward recommendations to the City Council on zoning, land use and subdividing during their three, four or five year staggered terms.

For more information, call the Building & Zoning at (618) 452-6218.

Meeting Information

First Thursday of every month.
7:00 p.m.
City Hall
2000 Edison Avenue

Most Plan Commission meetings include a public hearing. The purpose of a public hearing is to give the public an opportunity to express their views on a given topic and to provide evidence in support of those views. The Plan Commission relies on this input when making recommendations. Plan Commission recommendations are then forwarded to City Council for consideration.

An agenda is established for each hearing and is available for viewing in advance of the meeting at the Building & Zoning offices located at 2000 Edison Avenue in Downtown Granite City. The Plan Commission follows the order of business on the agenda unless it is altered by a majority vote. Members of the public are welcome to view a proposed application in advance of the meeting at the Building & Zoning Office located at City Hall, 2000 Edison Avenue.

Notification Requirements

When it is necessary, the City of Granite City requires the following notification for public hearing cases before the Plan Commission:

All owners of record (as determined by the appropriate Township Assessor's Office) of properties within 300 feet must receive written notice within at least fifteen (15) days, but not more than thirty (30) days before the public hearing and;

Notification of the public hearing must be published in the Granite City Press-Record prior to the public hearing date.

Sample Public Hearing Notice

Public Hearing Procedures

At the beginning of the hearing, the chairman of the Plan Commission will call the meeting to order and introduce each new item of business. The Chairman has the authority to take any necessary measures to control the hearing, including closing the meeting, clearing the hearing room, and calling the public in one at a time to testify. The chairman will swear in all persons intending to speak on the case at this time.

Applicant's Testimony
The applicant will be given a suitable amount of time to provide an overview of the request and to provide factual information (by the applicant or by witnesses called by the applicant) in support of this request (generally 15 -20 minutes). The Plan Commission may ask questions at this time to clarify the applicant's request.

Public Testimony
Anyone wishing to testify must simply show up and request to speak when the Plan Commission asks for public testimony. It is preferred, however, that all speakers sign in with the Plan Commission Secretary either before the hearing or upon completion of testimony.

All testimony before the Plan Commission must be given from the podium so that a transcribe record may be made. Spontaneous comments from the floor are not permitted and will not be considered in the public record. Persons testifying are required to state their name, address and interest in the proceedings (e.g. neighbor, property owner, etc.) for the record. Any exhibits presented to the Plan Commission will be included in the record.

Testimony will be limited to the relevant facts of the case and standards for approval. All testimony will be recorded as part of the public record. As such, it is not necessary to repeat previously stated testimony. If members of the public have questions regarding any factual testimony provided during the public hearing, either by the petitioner, another speaker, or City staff, questions may be directed to the Chairman. The Chairman will request the appropriate person provide a response.

Please be aware that follow-up questions relating to individual's opinion will not be allowed. When factual data is offered as part of the public testimony, the Commission may ask for the speaker's qualifications on the topic to complete the record. The petitioner and/or other members of the audience also have the right to call witnesses in support of their position.

Any member of the public may also provide written testimony at any time during the public hearing process. The hearing will remain open until all evidence and testimony is presented.

Plan Commission Discussion and Deliberation
After the public has had an opportunity to testify, the Plan Commission will usually ask questions to applicable parties and deliberate amongst themselves. If needed, they may opt to continue the hearing to a future meeting (typically the next scheduled Plan Commission meeting). At that meeting, City staff will provide the Commission with an overview of what occurred at the previous public hearing. Staff also will provide a recommendation to Plan Commission on the proposal when requested.

The Plan Commission will then discuss the case and will close the public hearing after making a recommendation. The written recommendation from the Plan Commission will be forwarded to the City Council for review and action. City Council also receives any proposed findings of fact and recommendations offered by members of the public. These rules and procedures are designed to ensure a fair and orderly decision-making process and to promote public participation in the land-use decisions rendered by the City of Granite City. If you have questions, the Building & Zoning staff would be happy to further explain this process:

City of Granite City
Building & Zoning Dept.
2000 Edison Avenue
Granite City, IL 62040
(618) 452-6218

Board Membership

Mark Davis  John Janek (Chair) Don Scaturro
Mary Jo Akeman Shirley Howard  Wayne Reuter
Peggy Cunningham Roger Tracy Frank Orris III
Ritch Alexander  Joe Hackler