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The Historical Architecture Review Commission's main duty is the power to review and approve application for a Certificate of Appropriateness or a Certificate of Zoning Compliance for the downtown historic district.  The City's zoning ordinance states that no person shall cause or permit changes in the exterior appearance of real estate lying within a historical zone without first applying for and obtaining a special conditional use permit, to be known as a Certificate of Appropriateness or Certificate of Zoning Compliance.


The HARC consists of eleven members (Plan Commission), each appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The HARC is a highly specialized administrative body.  Where practical, its membership is to include at least two preservation related professional members from the fields of architecture history, archaeology, history, planning, or related fields.  All members shall have an interest in historic preservation and a background of historical study.  When one or two professionals are not available, the Mayor may appoint other persons interested in historic preservation to serve.

John Janek (Chair)  Mark Davis Shirley Howard
Don Luddeke Maryjo Akeman Peggy Cunningham
Andy Mathis Roger Tracy Don Scaturro
Marc Griffin Wayne Reuter