Patrol Division

Patrol Captain

Captain Craig Knight  Captain Knight has more than 20 years of service with the Granite City Police Department. He has continued his education and has earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Management. Captain Knight is currently in charge of the Patrol Division.

Captain Knight attended the FBI National Academy in 2015 at Quantico Va.    


Patrol Squads

Squad A
Lieutenant Jon Blaylock 
Sergeant Jeff Grote
Sergeant Tony Merz
Patrolman Robert Patrich
Patrolman Jason Schaefer
Patrolman Lance Reynolds
Patrolman Lizzi Varga
Patrolman Dan Grayson
Patrolman Gene Wilkinson

Squad B
Lieutenant Jenna De Yong
Sergeant Aaron Flynn 
Sergeant Chuck Bremer
Patrolman Daryl May
 Joseph Mangiaracino
Patrolman Richard Dawes
Patrolman Matt Maue
Patrolman Ron Fisher
Patrolman Eric Bailey

Squad C
Lieutenant Ray Takmajian
Sergeant Chris Blair
Patrolman Joe Nicolussi
Patrolman Justin Rayl
Patrolman Lori Gibbons
Patrolman Tim Bedard
Patrolman Jacob Koepp

Squad D
Lieutenant George McLaren
Sergeant Nick Novacich
Sergeant Ken Wojtowicz
Patrolman Matt Hibbets
Patrolman Gary Brooks
Patrolman Dean Bastilla
Patrolman John Hadley
Patrolman John Costello