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Police Department


Fire Department

  • What is the burning policy in Granite City?
  • How can I obtain a permit for a recreational fire?
  • How can I get a copy of a fire report?
  • How can I schedule a fire truck or firefighter at my function?
  • Do you offer tours of the fire stations?
  • When an emergency vehicle is approaching that is displaying emergency lights and sirens, what should I do?
  • Do you offer fire extinguisher training?
  • How much will it cost if I call an ambulance?
  • Who should I call with questions about my ambulance bill?
  • How can I obtain a copy of my medical records?
  • Why do firefighters respond to medical calls?
  • What are the qualifications of the Granite City EMS personnel?
  • Do I have to be transported to the nearest hospital?
  • Do dispatchers provide medical care instructions before the arrival of emergency services?

    City Council

  • Who are my Council members?
  • When and where does the Council meet?
  • What are the qualifications for members of City Council?
  • How does a person run for Council?
  • What is the salary for members of City Council?
  • Is City Council a full time or part time job?
  • Do Council members have offices?
  • How much is appropriated in the budget for Council expenses?
  • Is there a Council President?
  • How can I obtain a Ward map?
  • How can I learn more about the legislative process and how laws are made?
  • What are the rules of order?
  • What is the role of the City Council?
  • How do I sign up to speak at a public hearing or council meeting?

    City Clerk

  • Does the City have a business license requirement?
  • Where can I find information about the laws of the City?
  • When does the City Council meet?
  • How can I speak in front of the City Council? Do I need to fill out a form?
  • Where do I go to request information?
  • Where can I go to register to vote?
  • What percentage of eligible Granite City residents are registered to vote?


  • Where do I pay my taxes?
  • I just ran my credit report and it says I owe you money. Why? How do I pay it and get it cleared?
  • I sent you an invoice, where is my check?
  • The department says a check was sent, where is it?

    Neighborhood Improvement

  • Do I have to live in Granite City to be eligible?
  • Can I make installment payments on the loan?
  • Can I get help with remodeling my home?
  • Where are the new Scattered Site Housing homes located?
  • Is there an application for the Scattered Site Housing Program?
  • What is the subsidy for the Scattered Site Housing Program?
  • Do I have to purchase one of the vacant lots owned by the City?


  • Animal Control

  • When are the local animal shelters open to the public?
  • What do I do to complain about a barking dog?
  • Why do I have to license and vaccinate my dog, he never leaves the house?
  • What do I need to do to license my dog?
  • My dog lost its license tag. How do I get a duplicate?
  • How do I go about updating my dog’s license information?
  • When will an animal control officer respond to my call?
  • Do your shelters have animals available for adoption?
  • What can I do about bees?
  • How can I get a dead animal removed?
  • Where can I find a veterinary hospital that will perform emergency services for my pet?
  • What information can you give me to help with a wild animal?

  • Streets and Sanitation

  • What are your office and yard hours?
  • When is brush collected in Granite City?
  • How are leaves collected in the fall?
  • To whom and how do I report a pothole/other problem?
  • What day is my garbage collected?
  • Who can I call for recycling and/or refuse collection related questions?
  • Where can I dump yard waste such as tree limbs and leaves?
  • Is there a schedule for street-sweeping throughout the City?
  • Why aren’t we notified before sweepers sweep our streets, so that we can move our cars?
  • Does the City have a program for graffiti removal?
  • How do I go about getting my street paved?
  • How does the City determine which streets need to be repaved next?
  • What is the maximum height that my grass may be before I am in violation of City ordinance?
  • What is the earliest time that I can set my garbage out for collection?
  • Is it required that my house number be visible from the street? If so, why?

    Building and Zoning

  • What codes are enforced by the City?
  • How does the City plan for growth?
  • What is a comprehensive plan?
  • What is annexation?
  • What is zoning?
  • What is a special use permit?
  • What is a rezoning?
  • What does the Planning Commission do?
  • What is the Board of Appeals?
  • What happens at a public hearing?
  • What is a variance?
  • What if I want to subdivide my property?
  • What is a grading and excavation permit?
  • When do I need a building permit?
  • What permits are generally needed to work on an existing building?
  • What permits are typically needed for a new building?
  • What inspections are typically required for new construction or renovation projects?
  • What restrictions are there for me to put up a fence on my lot?
  • What zone district is my house in and how do I find out if I am in a flood plain?
  • How do I find out where my property lines are? What and where is right-of-way?
  • Why do we need a property maintenance code? What is an occupancy permit?
  • What are the current Department Fees?

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