Residential Concerns

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Sewer Rates
Effective May 1st, 2006 all single family residential units in the City will be charged a flat rate of $11.50 per month. The rates for multi-family, commercial and industrial facilities will be determined based on the volume of wastewater used and by the amount of BOD and SS contained within the wastewater. For further information on sewer rates, please see Ordinance #7738.

Preventing Sewer Spills
Here are some easy things you can do to help reduce sewer spills.

       1. If you see, smell or suspect a sewer spill, report it immediately by calling (618) 452-6222.

       2. Prevent drain clogs and sewer blockages by putting small amounts of cooking oil and grease in
            the trash, not down the drain. Larger amounts of cooking oil (e.g. oil from turkey deep fryers) can
            be disposed at the Milam Landfill Recycling Center.

       3. Keep roots out of sewer pipelines by planting trees and bushes away from your home lateral
           connection to the sewer line.

       4. Keep your sewer lateral clean through regular maintenance.

       5. Never throw garbage or debris into manholes.

       6. Immediately report any vandalism to a manhole by calling 9-1-1.

Your Home Plumbing
The sewerage system for a home or property is connected to the City sewer main through a sewer lateral. The owner is responsible for the maintenance of that lateral from the property all the way to the connection with the sewer main. This connection may be in the street, past the property line; on an easement; or in a ditch. Usually after clearing the lateral, a licensed plumber will assess the condition of the pipe by televising it. If the pipe has a break or a crack, the homeowner must repair the portion of pipe that lies between the house and the property line.

Keeping your sewer lateral in good shape
    • Never pour cooking grease down the drain. Freeze it in a suitable non-recyclable container and
          dispose of it in the trash.

    • Recycle large amounts of residential cooking oil or grease by disposing of it at the Milam Landfill
          Recycling Center.

    • If any cooking oil or grease gets in your drain, immediately flush the drain with cold water. 

    • Never flush non-soluble objects down your toilet. This includes food, tampons, sanitary napkins,
          cleaning rags, diaper wipes, etc. 

    • If you are having problems with roots infiltrating your sewer lateral, use one of the commercially
          available rooticides available at most home improvement stores. 

    • If you have a property cleanout, flush your lateral through the cleanout using a high pressure hose
          at least once a year. 

    • Be sure to use a licensed plumber when having your sewer lateral televised or repaired.