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Conventional Activated Sludge Plant Secondary Treatment Facility

Service Area
Granite City, Madison, Venice, Pontoon Beach, Glen Carbon, Brooklyn, Chouteau Township, Nameoki Township, Washington Park, Fairmont City.

Design Criteria
90% B.O.D. Removal 90% T.S.S. Removal

Design Dry Weather Flow
23 MGD Stormwater System

Design Wet Weather Flow
195 MGD Stormwater System 34.5 MGD Secondary Plant

230 MGD Total Combined

Population Equivalent 1997
Based on : B.O.D. = 102,340
Based on T.S.S. = 104,022
Significant Industrial Dischargers = 23

Measured Treatment Efficiency 1997
98.6% Removal B.O.D.
98.2% Removal T.S.S

Average Flow
Dry weather 12.82 MGD

Wet weather 263.1 million gallons total
38 storm events
6.9 million gallons average/event

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