Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are your office and yard hours?
Office Hours: M-F: 7am to 3pm
Yard Waste Hours: M-F: 7:30am to 2:30pm Sat: 10am to 5:30pm Sun: closed

2. When is brush collected in Granite City?
Brush is collected from November through December in the fall and from February through March in the spring.

3. How are leaves collected in the fall?
Leaves are the responsibility of the homeowner. They are not to be blown into the street. Waste Management also has a leaf pick-up program, which is available for a cost.

4. To whom and how do I report a pothole/other problem?
To report a pothole, you may call (618) 452-6222.

5. What day is my garbage collected?
Garbage collection day varies for different sections of town. To determine when your collection day is, call (618) 452-6225 and ask for assistance.

6. Who can I call for recycling and/or refuse collection related questions?
You can call Waste Management, a private waste disposal company, at (800) 989-2783.

7. Where can I dump yard waste such as tree limbs and leaves?
Residents of Granite City may dump their yard waste at our yard waste facility, which is located at the intersection of 25th Street and the railroad tracks.

8. Is there a schedule for street-sweeping throughout the City?
There is no set schedule for each section of town, but the sweepers are on the street every day, weather permitting.

9. Why aren’t we notified before sweepers sweep our streets, so that we can move our cars?
The City does not routinely notify residents when sweeping streets because streets are not posted for No Parking unless specially requested.

10. Does the City have a program for graffiti removal?
The Public Works Department has a graffiti removal spray available. You may call the Public Works Supervisor at (618) 452-6222 for more information regarding graffiti removal. We also recommend that you report any and all graffiti vandalism to the police by calling (618) 877-6111.

11. How do I go about getting my street paved?
The best way to get your street paved is to first contact your local alderman. You may go to the City Council page for the name and contact information of your alderman.

12. How does the City determine which streets need to be repaved next?
The City determines which streets to pave based on the recommendations of the Aldermen. After a list of streets is compiled from the Aldermen’s recommendations, the streets will be reviewed by the Public Works Supervisor and the Mayor. From there, the streets are prioritized based on which streets are most in need of repair.

13. What is the maximum height that my grass may be before I am in violation of City ordinance?
The maximum height that grass can be before the property owner is in violation of City ordinance is eight inches (8”).

14. What is the earliest time that I can set my garbage out for collection?
City ordinance requires that you set your garbage out no earlier than 6 p.m. the day before scheduled pick-up.

15. Is it required that my house number be visible from the street? If so, why?
Yes, City ordinance requires all house numbers to be visible from the street. This is done to reduce the difficulty that emergency service personnel (e.g. police, paramedics, etc.) have in finding your home in the event of an emergency.