Risk Management

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Coordination of Services

The Risk Management office executes a variety of coordination of services and responsibilities including: employee benefits, health coverage for the employees, life insurance, dental insurance, pre-employment physicals, drug testing, disability coverage, workers compensation, non-litigated claims, litigated claims and civil suits, employee safety, auto liability, property coverage, insured, self-insured, and excess coverage. The Risk Manager oversees these operations and assists in the negotiation and acquisitions of all insurance. Risk Management is separated into two distinct functions: employee safety and claims administration.

The Risk Management office coordinates efforts by all departments to ensure protection of citizens and employees from liability risks. The successful awareness and completion of safety measures for the public and employees provides a reduction in the overall liability and property claim losses. This effort enhances the self-insured program that is supplemented by the purchase of excess liability insurance.

Investigation, Information Gathering and Claim Processing

The Risk Management Office supports investigation of all claims arising from the City’s operation as a municipality; automobile accidents, property claims, worker’s compensation claims, liability law suits, and claims by citizens. The investigations are referred to the appropriate carrier for processing. The Risk Management Office is involved in providing ongoing information to the carriers for the completed processing of claims. This involvement includes arbitration, settlement, and trial, if necessary. All settlement of claims are reviewed and approved by the Mayor and City Council.

Insurance Selection

The Risk Management Office prepares the selection of appropriate insurance purchases for all risk and excess liability. This includes insurance of health benefits, dental, life, property, liability, auto, and public official. The insurance and carrier of each type of insurance may change from year to year. The Safety and Insurance Committee reviews the selection. Then, the Mayor and City Council consider the final decision for approval.

Policy and Procedures

In addition, the Risk Management office will develop, implement, and maintain environmental health and safety policies and procedures for the City of Granite City in cooperation with each department Supervisor. These polices will be continually reviewed by each department supervisor to ensure that the City of Granite City is meeting the goal of providing a safe and healthy working environment.

Drug Testing

The employees of the Granite City Public Works and Waste Water Treatment Plant who are required to perform safety sensitive functions, including the operations of commercial motor vehicles, as described in the 49 C.F.R. 382.201 et seg. and other federal regulations, are mandated to participate in random drug testing. Therefore, in compliance with the requirements of the Omnibus Transportation Employees Testing Acts of 1991, and applicable federal statutes and regulations, including 49 C.F.R. 382.101 ET esq., the City of Granite City complies with the random drug testing policies and procedures. The Risk Manager oversees all aspects of this policy including pre-employment, random, and for cause drug tests. Each union has a written policy regarding drug testing as it pertains to their union employees.

Employees Assistance Program – E.A.P.

The City of Granite City provides free confidential, professional counseling and a referral program that is designed to assist employees with the resolution of personal, financial, family, and legal problems. The problems may include, but are not limited to; stress, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, substance abuse, marital issues, and parenting. An E.A.P. counselor may assist any City employee, employee’s spouse, or dependent to identify counseling needs, options for the type of counseling sought, development of a plan of action and coordination of future counseling, if necessary. The Risk Manager will assist any employee with obtaining counseling if needed. The E.A.P service is completely confidential, and any employee counseling record is not generated to the employer. Should an employee decide to utilize outside counseling, they would be responsible for any fee associated with using those independent resources.

Any City of Granite City employee or spouse may contact the E.A.P. directly by calling 618-798-3457 or toll free at 800-394-2494, Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. After hour appointments may be made for your convenience at the Granite City or Edwardsville locations.

For a crisis situation, a 24-hour phone line is available by calling the telephone numbers listed above.