Crime Free Multi-Housing

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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

In 1992, the Mesa, Arizona Police Department created the crime free multi-housing program to reduce nuisance and criminal activity in rental properties. The success of this program can be attributed to the mutual cooperation between the local police department, rental property management, and residents with the end goal of creating a safer community for everyone to live in and enjoy.

Below you will find the complete program broken down into sections.  A complete manual can be downloaded at the bottom of this list.  These files are saved in Portable Document Format (PDF) that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have it installed, you may download a copy free from

Municipal Code - Chapter 5.142 - License for Lessors of Residential Units
Crime Free Housing Lease Addendum
Landlord and Tenant Act
Code of Civil Procedure (Illinois Eviction Law)
Civil Liabilities
Property Forfeiture
Public Nuisance
Litter Control Act
Criminal Housing Management
Occupancy Inspection Requirements
TRAP - Tenant Responsibility Accountability Program
Methamphetamine Abatement Procedure
HUD Bans Using Arrest Records / Use of Criminal Records in Screening
Renters Handbook
CFMH Powerpoint Presentation
Chronic Public Nuisance Properties
Trash Requirement for Rental Properties