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Neighborhood Watch

neighborhood watch Crime and fear of crime threaten the well being of a community. People become afraid to use streets and parks, suspicion erupts between young and old, and businesses gradually leave. Crime, in turn, feeds on the social isolation it creates. Modern life styles, with the increasing number of families with working parents and greater job mobility, contribute to this isolation and lack of community ties. You and your neighbors can prevent or break this vicious cycle and in the process, build your community into a safe, friendly, caring place. Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities.

How Neighborhood Watch Works

Neighborhood Watch is a program in which citizens, in cooperation with the Granite City Police Department, directly participate in the detection and prevention of crime. Citizens that get involved in Neighborhood Watch are trained to recognize suspicious or criminal activity, and to report this activity to the Granite City Police Department. These citizens become extra “eyes” and “ears” for the Police Department, which will then investigate the reported activities. Neighborhood Watch citizens are trained to report suspicious activities to the Granite City Police Department, and they do not become involved in enforcing the law or apprehending criminals. By cooperating with each other and the police, you can help fight crime the most effective way -- before it begins.

Successful Community

A successful Neighborhood Watch should result in a sense of ownership by members of each community. A true community-police partnership develops, resulting in reduction in police service calls and reduction in crime or the fear of crime. Awareness is increased, and when a community perspective or support is needed, Neighborhood Watch groups serve as a valuable resource.

Starting a Neighborhood Watch

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch group in your community, contact the Granite City Police Department at (618) 877-6111.