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Landlord Training

Granite City’s Crime-Free Multi Housing-Landlord Seminar

The Granite City Crime-Free Multi Housing program was designed to promote positive and responsible partnerships between landlords, tenants, and the Granite City Police Department. Management companies and Landlords, who responsibly maintain their rental property, enhance the quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood.

All owners, landlords, and/or designated agents who are required to obtain a business license for rental property will be required to attend a Granite City Crime-Free Multi Housing Seminar to be conducted by the Granite City Police Department.

Specifically the seminar assists landlords to manage their properties by including important information about:

    • Applicant Screening 
    • Crime Free Lease Addendum 
    • Recognizing Criminal Activity on the Property 
    • (C.P.T.E.D) Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 
    • Eviction Process

Please contact Captain Gagich or Lieutenant Werths below for the schedule of dates the seminar will be conducted or for any other questions concerning the Granite City Crime-Free Multi housing program.

Captain Mike Gagich 618-451-9760 Ext. 1145
Lieutenant -Rich Werths 618-876-9027 Ext. 1156