Granite City Fire Department--I.S.O. 3

For over 100 years the Granite City Fire Department has provided fire protection to our community. From our humble beginnings when the essential tools of firefighting were hoses and ladders to the highly specialized equipment of today, the mission of the fire department has remained the same. However, our tactics to achieve our goals have changed. In today’s fire service, fire is first fought with: fire prevention programs, building and fire codes, annual building inspections, the juvenile fire program, and fire education and safety programs. Preventing fires saves everyone! When fires do start the men and women of the Granite City Fire Department are highly trained and competent and will efficiently handle the task at hand.

A wide variety of training is delivered to the fire department personnel, keeping them current with the different areas of the fire service. Some of these services the fire department provides are: hazardous material mitigation, confined space rescue, highway rescue, disaster management, EMS, and fire prevention.

Our goal is to make Granite City the safest community in the United States.



Fire Chief

(618)452-6231 Ext.5

Assistant Fire Chief
(618) 452-6231 Ext.4

Fire Station #1
Madison Avenue
(618) 876-4545
Fire Station #2
Rock Road
(618) 876-4546
Fire Station #3
Johnson Road
(618) 877-4747