Emergency Management

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Department Overview

The City of Granite City EMA office oversees emergency/disaster planning and works closely with other local, state and federal authorities to keep informed and prepared concerning matters of homeland security. In a disaster situation, the City can access county and state resources and may be eligible for federal assistance. The City's Emergency Operating Plan complements those of the County and the State.

Mission & Vision Statements

To protect the City of Granite City and its citizens by preparing for, responding to, mitigating against, and recovering from emergencies and disasters or acts of terrorism.

A well prepared city and populace.

Increase preparedness in emergency management and homeland security. Maintain safety and improve safeguards from hazardous materials which pass through and are located within our community.

Maximize local, county, state and federal resources in carrying out our mission.

Increase public health and safety through hazard mitigation, emergency preparedness, disaster response and recovery.

Emergency Operating Plan:

One of the main goals of EMA is to maintain the City in a state of readiness should a major emergency/disaster occur. This is accomplished through the use of an Emergency Operating Plan which outlines the responsibility of each City Department in any type of emergency/disaster and how they will operate jointly with other City Departments to combat the situation. This Plan is updated every two (2) years.

This web page is only one of many places to go for information relating to disaster planning or when a large emergency occurs.  During emergencies, information will be posted on this web page as soon as possible, but you should also pay attention to your local newspaper, radio and TV including Community Access Channel 993. Messages may also be sent to you via the Post Office, pamphlets & handouts or Madison County’s Telephone Alert System. This automated system may call your PUBLISHED TELEPHONE NUMBER to relate a pre-recorded message. Not all emergencies will cause a message to be generated. The system works only if your telephone is operable. When the power is off, you need to connect a phone that does not plug into an electrical outlet.  If telephone lines in your area are down, this still will not work. Do not depend on only one source of information for your survival.