Quality of Life

The quality of life for a community is often defined based on a myriad of different traits within the community. These traits regularly include crime, cost of living, availability of arts and entertainment, quality of education, access to outdoor activities, and leisure activity, among others. Although Granite City scores higher in some of these areas more than in others (as do all communities), the quality of life in this community is strong no matter how you sum it up.

Whether it is our below average crime rate, low cost of living or access to world-class arts and entertainment venues in the St. Louis metropolitan area, our community has much to offer our residents. Plus, just a short drive away from our community are some of the most serene lakes in Illinois and some of the nicest state parks in the Midwest.

Visit the sections below for more information about all that our community has to offer.

Sports & Recreation Facilities/Outdoor Activities
Arts & Entertainment
Cost of Living

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