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Welcome to the Economic Development Department (EDD), where your success is our success. Here in the EDD, our three main priorities are Business Expansion, Attraction and Retention (BEAR), where retention of existing businesses is the highest priority for the City. However, we also actively assist in the attraction and relocation of businesses to the City from other jurisdictions. We aim to utilize all available services and resources to ensure that Granite City remains and continually develops as a favorable location for businesses.

In this effort, the Economic Development Department assists with site selection, due diligence, tax incentives, permit assistance, financing and other programs that help both large and small businesses. We strive to serve businesses both large and small because we know that it is through the growth and development of our businesses that we will be able to thrive as a community.

 Cathy Hamilton

Economic Development Director

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To reinvigorate the economic base of the community so as to establish the most practical, vigorous and dynamic business climate in the St. Louis metropolitan area through the complete revitalization of older neighborhoods and industrial sectors, continued new housing developments, burgeoning commercial and retail sectors and an unyielding industrial base with the ultimate goal of maximizing the quality of life, employment opportunities and tax base of the community. 

Mission Statement

To achieve our vision by establishing and maintaining a business-friendly governmental environment through the development of new business incentives, a reduction of red tape, expedited permitting, more efficacious planning and by aggressively pursuing all avenues of growth for both new and existing businesses.

Resources & Services

Commercial Property Database: 

Maintains Location One, a commercial property database containing pertinent data on available sites and buildings throughout the Granite City area.

Community Profile: 

A compilation of facts & figures, giving detailed demographic and statistical information including statistics on education, transportation & distribution, the economy and the quality of life in Granite City.

Targeted Business Recruitment: 

Performs long-term planning and establishes a desired businesses list, targeting specific industrial sectors, commercial retail and corporate offices in the effort to recruit new businesses to the area.

Business Advocate: 

Assists businesses to troubleshoot issues that might stymie their development plans.

Regional Representative:

Works in collaboration with regional development organizations including the St. Louis Regional Chamber, the Southwestern Illinois Development Association, the Leadership Council, Illinois Development Council and many more.

Business Retention: 

We aim to please existing businesses within the City so that they remain in our area and continue to operate successfully.

Developer Tours & Hosted Events:

Periodically host developer tours and conduct presentations and meetings.