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Granite City has a prime location not only within the St. Louis metropolitan area, but within the United States, as well. Being located at the hub of the St. Louis area, with access to the Mississippi River via the Port District, the city has immediate access to four different modes of transportation – road, rail, water and air. The availability of so many options provides the community with some of the lowest shipping costs in the country. 

In addition, the area is served by an ever-improving mass transit system, thanks in large part to organizations such as Madison County Transit and Metro, the bi-state agency which operates MetroLink. 

Being located near the geographic and population centers of the U.S., businesses and residents alike can be rest assured that no matter where they need to go, they are never too far away from their destination. In the end, it just makes sense to be here.

Streets & Highways

Our community is located in a very strategic position, being situated within the nexus of four major interstate highways (44, 55, 64 & 70). Using these highways, which are directly linked to Cities such as Chicago, Denver, Louisville & Oklahoma City, travelers can head in virtually any direction. 

The following information paints a clearer picture of the advantages to our street and highway system, both within the City and the region. 

Traffic Counts

Intersection Daily Traffic Count
Road A Road B Road A Road B
Interstate 270 State Route 3 54,000 19,400
Interstate 270 State Route 203 53,900 15,500
Madison Avenue 27th Street 13,900 4,000
Madison Avenue Niedringhaus Avenue    14,300 7,000
Madison Avenue 20th Street 9,700 10,500
Nameoki Road Johnson Road 22,000 11,100
Nameoki Road Pontoon Road 19,400 11,700
Nameoki Road Madison Avenue 20,700 14,000
Niedringhaus Avenue    20th Street 5,900 1,650
Pontoon Road Maryville Road 11,300 12,800
State Route 162 Maryville Road 11,800 4,100
State Route 3 New Poag Road 29,000 8,800
State Route 3 W. Pontoon Road 16,900 7,800
State Route 3 Rock Road 16,900 4,900
State Route 3 Niedringhaus Avenue 14,200 2,400
Source: Illinois Department of Transportation 

For an interactive traffic data map, go to: 
Illinois Department of Transportation Average Annual Daily Traffic Data

Interstate & Highway Map

Interstate map

Truck Access

Truck Transit Times 

Travel Distances

(From City Center to City Center)
Destination City Distance (Miles) Destination City Distance (Miles)
St. Louis
Kansas City
New York
Los Angeles
San Diego

Railroad Access

All six Class I railroad companies and several regional rail lines have operations in and around Granite City and the Tri-Cities region. Granite and its surrounding cities make up one of the largest rail hubs within the St. Louis area, which is the 3rd largest rail hub in America.

Rail Companies Serving the Granite City Area:

Class I

  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
  • Canadian National Railway
  • CSX Transportation Inc.
  • Consolidated Rail Corp.
  • Norfolk Southern
  • Union Pacific
  • Kansas City Southern
  • Illinois Central Railroad
Switching & Terminal
  • Alton and Southern Railway
  • Terminal Railroad

Rail Travel Map

Rail Transit Times 

Water Transportation

Situated on the largest river in North America, Granite City, through the Tri-City Regional Port District, has an abundant supply of waterway transportation options. Annually, more than 3 million tons of product pass through the Tri-City Port District, which is part of the second largest inland port system in the United States. The Tri-City Port is also the northernmost year-round ice-free port and is the primary site for one of only two foreign trade zones in the St. Louis area, giving Granite City companies a major competitive logistical advantage. 

Barge Access


Transportation by Air

The St. Louis metropolitan area is served by a conglomeration of airports, the largest of which is Lambert International Airport in St. Louis. Each airport serves its own niche of the market, with Lambert handling the bulk of passenger services, MidAmerica Airport focusing primarily on freight and others, such as Spirit of St. Louis, St. Louis Downtown and St. Louis Regional airports serving the corporate charter and general aviation markets. 

Major & Regional Airports

Airport Name Distance Services
Lambert International 21.97 Miles Passenger & Freight
MidAmerica 30.38 Miles Passenger, Freight & Military
Spirit of St. Louis 43.15 Miles Charter & Freight
St. Louis Downtown 13.79 Miles Charter
St. Louis Regional 16.25 Miles Charter & Freight

The following gives further information about Lambert & MidAmerica airports in greater detail: 

Lambert International Airport

Lambert International is one of the 35 largest airports in the country, with five concourses and 88 gates serving 20 airlines. Lambert serves all major U.S. cities, providing non-stop service to over 60 U.S. destinations. 

In April 2006, a $1.1 billion runway expansion project was completed, improving efficiency at Lambert by 63 percent during inclement weather. Lambert is located 29 minutes from Granite City and has on-site access to the newly expanded MetroLink light rail system, which provides access to both the Main and East Terminals. 


Airlines Serving Lambert Include:

Air Canada
Air Choice One
American Airlines
FlyFrontier Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Cape Air
Southwest Airlines
US Airways 

Source: "Air Carrier Information" Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, 2011.

     Airport Carriers and Flights, 2012                                                                               
 Number of Carriers  11
 Nonstop Destinations Served  61
 Daily Departures  250
 Annual Flights-Departures  6,400,000
 Passengers = Arrival + Departures  12,700,000

 Source: "Lambert-St. Louis International Airport" Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, 2011.


MidAmerica Airport

MidAmerica Airport is the second largest airport in the St. Louis metropolitan area, and is located adjacent to Scott Air Force Base in St. Clair County, IL. Although it does operate as a reliever for Lambert’s passenger traffic volume and will continue to grow in that area, MidAmerica Airport’s current primary use is for international freight and cargo traffic. In 2003, the Airport received Foreign Trade Zone status covering over 6,500 acres, which was made possible through cooperation of the Tri-City Regional Port District. Currently, MidAmerica has a 50,000 square foot cargo facility, 10 air access doors and 37 truck docks.

Foreign Trade Zone No. 31

Conveniently located at America's Central Port District, with a sub-zone in downtown Granite City at the former NESCO facility, Foreign Trade Zone District No. 31 affords local businesses an added logistical incentive to locating in Granite City. The Port District has taken advantage of this asset by affording businesses about 1,200 acres of flexible warehouse/industrial space, with excellent multi-modal transportation access.

Public Transportation

Metro, the area’s largest provider of public transportation and the operator of MetroLink, is one of the area’s greatest assets. MetroLink, the area’s commuter rail system, was recently honored by American Public Transit as the best large transit provider in North America. MetroLink has recently completed a $550 million expansion, which has helped it to increase its ridership to over 58,000 persons per day. In FY 2012, the Metro Bus ridership equaled 29.1 million boardings; the MetroLink ridership equaled 17 million boardings; and the Metro Call-A-Ride ridership equaled 584,291 boardings. All together in FY 2012, over 46 million passengers boarded the Metro System. Hopefully, the MetroLink line will be extended into Granite City in the not-so-distant future. 

Madison County Transit (MCT), is also one of the area’s finest transportation services. From their bus services to their bike trails, MCT does it all. In Granite, MCT has built a state-of-the-art bus station in the downtown area, which transports passengers everywhere from downtown St. Louis to SIUE. For a list of destinations and bus routes, click here

In addition to its bus services, MCT also provides for and maintains the various bike trails throughout the County. For a map of area bike trails, click here

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