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Demographic Summary Statistics 
Contains detailed information about the general demographics of the City of Granite City, including but not limited to population, household, income, business & employment, housing unit, and educational attainment statistics. 

Report on the Economy 
Includes data on the workforce, employment, hourly wage rates, workforce training programs, consumer expenditures, and housing values. 

Education Statistics 
The Educational Statistics Report portrays graduation rates, student scores and other pertinent information about the Granite City school district and higher education facilities in the area. 

Transportation & Distribution 
Presents facts & figures about the infrastructure in Granite City, including traffic counts, travel time maps, information on rail, water, road and air transportation as well as information on the public transit system and more. 

Our Location 
Provides information regarding the location of Granite City, including maps for zoning, TIF districts & enterprise zones, wards and streets. 

Race, Ethnicity & Ancestry Report 
Granite City’s slogan at one time was “Progress through Heritage”. The REA Report gives the statistical breakdown of the City’s racial, ethnic and ancestral make-up. 

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