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Our Business Philosophy

As the Mayor of Granite City, I and my administration are strongly committed to ensuring that our business climate is attractive for both existing businesses and those interested in relocating to Granite City.  However, we are not alone in this commitment. The City Council, also, is very pro-active and business-friendly. We, the leadership of Granite City, realize that we cannot sit idle and expect developers and new businesses to come banging down our door to enter into our market. That is why the City has adopted a new outlook on business, an attitude which says that we, as a community, have something great to offer the business world. Therefore, we will do whatever it takes to attract new business development because we know that our town has incredible potential just waiting to be realized.

As a City, therefore, we strive to seize every opportunity available, and to create other opportunities on our own. Our over-arching goal is to maximize the marketability of Granite City by creating the most business-friendly atmosphere in the St. Louis Region, never resting even after we have achieved our objective. Part of this effort includes creating a new set of business incentives in addition to the incentives that we currently offer. We already know that we have the advantage in our superior location and feel that it is just a matter of time and effort before we start realizing our potential.


 Ed Hagnauer

Granite City Business Climate

No Corporate Income Tax No Personal Property Tax

No Personal Income TaxNo Business Inventory Tax

Granite City is a place where your business will not just survive, but will thrive. Our town is one that was founded by businessmen for business. In addition to that, Granite City boasts one of the hardest-working, most productive workforces in America. It is true what they say about the Midwestern work ethic and Granite City is no exception. 

There are a multitude of people willing to get behind you and your business in Granite City. We value and appreciate your business and the commitment businesses make to our community. That is why we strive to make our town as business-friendly as possible. This includes maintaining a low crime rate relative to the regional, state and national crime rates. For businesses in Granite City, your success is our success. Therefore, accommodating your business in everything we do, is our business.