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Information about Services Offered by the City Clerk:

Yard Sale Permits
Four yard sales are allowed per year per residence. Each yard sale must be a least three months apart. Yard sales can last for up to three consecutive days, but they are not allowed on Sunday. Signs for yard sales can only be posted on personal property. They are not allowed on telephone poles or in the easements. The cost for a yard sale permit is $5.   618-452-6200

Sewer Billing
Sewer billing for the City is conducted through the City Clerk’s office in conjunction with the Treasurer’s office. Sewer bills are mailed out every other month (January, March, May, July, September and November).   618-451-6211

Business License Applications – Renewal
Renewal of business licenses is performed by the City Clerk’s office. The fee schedule for business licenses is as follows:

    • Rental Unit License - $25 per unit
    • Restaurant License - $100 
    • General Contractors License - $50 
    • Retail Sales License - $35

Complete Business License Fee Schedule Ordinance 8837 click here.

Rental Property Ordinance 8873 click here.

No license needed for doctors, dentists, realtors, beauty salons (unless they sell products), in home web-based business, or in home sales (e.g. Avon).

Vehicle Stickers
Vehicle Sticker billing for the City is conducted through the City Clerk’s office in conjunction with the Treasurer’s office where the Vehicle Stickers are sold.

Vehicle stickers are due April 30 each year. The Treasurer's Office will begin selling Vehicle Stickers the beginning of April each year. Fees are as follows:

    • Cars: $5 
    • Trucks (up to one ton): $10
          (Trucks over one ton are an additional cost, depending upon the weight). 
    • Motorcycles: $3 
    • Vans: $5 
    • Senior Citizens: $1 (Only one discounted sticker per household per city ordinance)

Citizens who have purchased a Vehicle sticker the year prior should receive a reminder card in the mail. Please bring this reminder card with you to the City Treasurer's Office, Room # 2, to purchase your Vehicle sticker. If you choose to order your Vehicle stickers by mail, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the complete reminder cards and a check for the appropriate amount due to the City Treasurers Office.

Taxi Driver Certificates
In order to be licensed to drive a taxicab in Granite City, the driver must first receive a Taxi Driver Certificate from the City Clerk. For more information about Taxi Driver Certificates call the Clerk’s office at 618.452.6200.

Notary Services
Notary services are also offered through the City Clerk’s Office.

The City Clerk has records of births and deaths within the City of Granite City dating back to 1915. Other records dating further back and some after 1915 were destroyed by a fire in the early 20th Century. For any Military Discharge Papers, or Marriage Licenses, however, one must see the Recorder of Deeds at the Madison County Administrative Offices in Edwardsville.

Birth Certificates         $10-- 1st copy  $2--additional copies
Death Certificates      $15-- 1st copy   $6--additional copies

Voter’s Card Change or Replacement
The City Clerk has the authority to make changes to your voters’ card in the event of a move, name change or other change of information. The Clerk will also assist you in obtaining a replacement voter’s card in the event that it is lost or destroyed.