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Voting is a crucial aspect of our governing system. Therefore, voters are of the utmost importance in keeping the American system of government functioning properly.  We encourage you to vote at every election; federal, state or local, because your say matters.

The voters' registration deadline is 30 business days before every election. Also, voter registration is restricted 5 days after every election. Elections are held the first Tuesday in April for odd year elections and the first Tuesday in November for even year elections.

Absentee voters may call the County Clerk's office at 618.692.6290 at least 14 business days before a given election to have a ballot mailed to them, which must be mailed back to the County Clerk's office to be counted. If you prefer, however, you may also call the City Clerk's office at 452.6200 and they will arrange to have the County mail a ballot to you. You may also go to www.co.madison.il.us/Election/PDF/absent.pdf to request an absentee ballot.

For polling locations, you may go to the County Clerk's web page to find out where you must go to vote on Election Day. All you must do is enter your address and it will let you know where to go to vote.

How to Run For Office

To run for election for a City position (e.g. Mayor, Council member, Clerk, Treasurer), you must first file for election in the City Clerk's office located at 2000 Edison Avenue. (For School, Park or Library Board elections, you must file at each entity's respective office). While visiting the Clerk's office to register, you will receive a packet of information, including a petition to get your name put on the ballot. The minimum number of signatures needed for the petition is dependent upon which position you wish to run for and on the number of votes cast in the previous election for that position. All signatures must be from registered voters in order for the petition to be valid. The City Clerk will tell you how many signatures are required at the time you pick up the election information.

The person that circulates the petition for election must personally witness and gather the signatures for the petition. Additionally, no spouse may sign for another. Each person must sign for him/herself. Furthermore, the name on the petition must be signed exactly as it is written on his or her voter's registration card (e.g. if the voter's name is 'Robert' he cannot write 'Bob' on the petition).

Historical Election Information

Interested in past political races? Doing research for a homework assignment? If so, you can check out the election results dated back to 2001 for all City elections by visiting the County web site.  Click here. 

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