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Permits & Application Forms

Building Permit Form
Occupancy Request Application
Sign Permit Form
Final Plat Application Packet
Preliminary Plat Application Packet
Electrical Contractor Registration Application
Pool Permit Application
Ordinance and Zoning Regulations


Petition For a Residential PUD (R-7) Plan Review
Petition For a Commercial PUD (C-6) Plan Review
Petition For an Industrial PUD (M-4) Plan Review
Petition For Nonconforming Use & Structure Permit
Special Exemption Permit Petition
Petition For Home Business Permit
Petition For Special Use In Residential And Agricultural Districts
Petition For a Zoning Variance Amendment
Petition For Special Use For Hotel/Motel In A C-5 District
Petition For Special Use: Telecommunication Towers & Related Equipment


Permit Fee Schedule


Request an Inspection
Occupancy Inspection Requirements
New Home Owner Electrical Inspection Requirements
Building Inspection Instructions
Property Maintenance Checklist Guide

Ordinance Requirements

Sanitary Sewer (Lateral) Design Requirements
Fence Compliance Regulations
Exterior Decks
Fences, Walls & Hedges
Basement Finishing
Sheds & Other Accessory Structures
Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas
Vacant Property Registration 


Zoning OrdinanceDowntown PUD Map
Zoning Map
Residential Zoning Specifications
Comprehensive Plan
Comprehensive Plan Technical Memorandum
Sign Ordinance

Planned Unit Developments (PUD)

Planned Unit Development (PUD) Procedures
Planned Unit Development Checklist


Annexation Information
Pre-Annexation Agreement Form

Development Process

Design and Construction Engineer’s Documentation of Construction Improvements (for infrastructure)
Spec Requirements for New Construction (for buildings and acc. structures)
Application and Development Process Summary Sheet

Miscellaneous Documents

Sample Public Hearing Notice
List of Local Contractors
Professional Contractor License Requirement
List of State Licensed Home Inspection Companies
Maintain Your Homes Curb Appeal
Complaint Form
Water and Sewer Locates (Request to Dig)

Code Enforcement

Abandoned/Junk Vehicles
Brush Nuisance
Building Code Violations
Grass Complaint
Occupancy Code Violation
Other Nuisance/Code Violations
Parking in Yard
Yard Waste

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