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Whether you are looking to build a new swimming pool or refinish your basement, we have the guideline information that you need to ensure that whatever you do is within city regulations and guidelines. The following links contain useful information, including a consumer rights pamphlet for those having their home repair work done by an outside company.

Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights - pamphlet A pamphlet from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan offering helpful advise to consumers regarding home repair and contractors.
Basement Finishing These guidelines are intended to provide the homeowner/contractor with basic information needed to finish or partially finish most residential basements.
Exterior Decks Frequently asked questions about residential deck construction along with general deck construction guidelines and requirements.
Sheds and Accessory Structures Frequently asked questions regarding sheds and other accessory structures and City requirements.
Fences, Walls & Hedges Frequently asked questions regarding fences, walls, and hedges.
Fence Compliance Regulations Details City regulations regarding fences, walls, and hedges.
Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas Frequently asked questions regarding pools, hot tubs, and spas and City requirements.