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Code Enforcement

The Building & Zoning Department currently has nine different inspectors that have the responsibility of enforcing the International Building Code, which was adopted by the Granite City, City Council by ordinance in 2005.

The Building Inspection portion of the department is responsible for seeing to the enforcement of all ordinance provisions relating to buildings or zoning and to inspect all buildings or structures being erected or altered as frequently as may be necessary to insure compliance with the ordinances of the City.

If you would like to report a suspected Code or Sanitary violation, you can file for a complaint form through one of the links below.


Use the following links to find more information in this section:

    • Building Inspection Instructions
    • To File a Complaint:
      ο Abandoned/Junk Vehicles
      ο Brush Nuisance
      ο Building Code Violations
      ο Grass Complaint
      ο Landscaping
      ο Occupancy Code Violations
      ο Other - Nuisance/Code Violations
      ο Parking in Yard
      ο Yard Waste
    • Maintain Your Home's Curb Appeal
    • New Owner Electrical Inspection Requirements
    • Occupancy Inspection Requirements
    • Property Maintenance Checklist 
    • Request for Occupancy Inspection