Rabies Vaccination and Licensing

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How to Obtain a License:

Ensure that your dog is currently vaccinated against rabies. Dog owners are required by law to have their dogs vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian and licensed:

     1. By the time the dog is four months of age, or 
     2. Within 30 days after obtaining or bringing any dog over four months of age into this jurisdiction, and, 
     3. Dog owners are required to renew the dog license annually, before it expires

The rabies vaccination must be effective through the entire licensing period. Rabies vaccinations are valid for one year.

After vaccinating a dog against rabies, the veterinarian will present the dog owner with a Dog License Application & Rabies Certificate.

To apply by mail:
     1. Complete all information blocks on the face of the Dog License Application & Rabies Certificate.
     2. Retain white (back) copy for your records.
     3. Enclose a check payable to the Madison County Department of Animal Control.
     4. Mail top copy to the address given on the license application.

To apply in person:

Take your completed Dog License Application & Rabies Certificate to the Madison County Rabies Control Office at the address listed below during business hours. For more information, call the County Rabies Control Office at (618) 692-1700.

    Madison County Rabies Control
    8501 State Route 143
    Edwardsville, IL 62025
    (618) 692-1700

Application Fees

The cost for an annual pet rabies tag is $25 regularly. The fee is reduced to $5 for pets which have been spayed or neutered or for those animals which are under 6 months in age. The license is valid for one calendar year from January 1 through December 31. No more than three dogs and three cats may be licensed to a home.