Waste Disposal

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Refuse Collection

Within the City of Granite City, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that their garbage is disposed of properly. Refuse collection services are not provided by the City, but are provided by Waste Management Inc.

When setting garbage out for collection, please note that City Ordinance requires that the refuse be placed within a garbage container and not simply in trash bags alone. Additionally, garbage may not be placed out for collection prior to 6:00 pm on the evening prior to the day of collection. Any resident not in compliance with the above regulations will be subject to fines up to $750 per violation and other penalties for repeat offenses.

For information regarding what you can do about household hazardous waste, click here.

Yard Waste

(city residents only-ID required): The leaf drop off area is available. This is located at 25th Street and the railroad tracks. Call the Granite City Street / Public Works Department at (618) 452-6222 for more information. 
2021 Yard Waste Leaf Drop Off Spring thru Summer Hours.jpg   or try:
2021 Yard Waste Leaf Drop Off Spring thru Summer Hours.pdf

Dead Animal Removal

Please do not put dead animals in refuse collection containers. To request the removal of a dead animal from the public right-of-way (within City Limits, only), call the Animal Control Department at (618) 452-6233 from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. This is also the number to use for after hours messages and emergencies.
For removal of dead animals from state or interstate highways, contact the Illinois Department of Transportation at (618) 346-3600. For areas outside the City, call either the local township office, the County Highway Department at (618) 692-0950 or the Madison County Sherriff’s Department at (618) 692.4433.

To read about Illinois State requirements concerning the disposal of dead animals, click here.

Illegal Dumping, Scavenging & Litter

Within the State of Illinois, Illegal Dumping is defined as the open dumping of any waste into any area that has not been approved for dumping (e.g. a landfill). The penalties for illegal dumping are severe and include everything from fines to jail time.

For more information about illegal dumping, or to find out more about how to report illegal dumping, please visit the Illinois EPA website.


For information regarding recycling and local recycling programs, click here.