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According to the EPA, the average U.S. citizen produced 4.5 pounds of waste per day last year. This is the equivalent of over 1600 pounds of trash per year per person or more than 250 million tons of waste being generated each year.

We know we should recycle to save trees, cut waste and use less energy. Our goal is to make is easier for Granite City residents to recycle their waste.

Recycling centers:
All of the Granite City Elementary Schools have paper recycling bins. There you can take cardboard, paper, cans and plastics. Everything should be clean and boxes must be broken down. They are all open 24 hours a day.

To recycle used motor oil and auto batteries: You can usually take them to any: Amoco full service station or Auto Zone. To recycle oil only: Jiffy Lube, Rapid Lube or Valvolene. To recycle batteries only: K-mart or Wal-mart.

To dispose of old paint:
 Paint cans that are empty and/or dry can be disposed of in your regular trash.  If you have a partially full paint can that you wish to discard, you must first allow all of the paint inside to dry by simply taking off the lid.  You can speed up this process by adding kitty litter to the paint to absorb the liquid.  Once the paint is dried, you should throw the cans away with the lids off so your trash service will know that there is no wet paint in the cans. Lastly, you can also contact: Madison County Recycling at 618-296-6647,

Curbside recycling program: Waste Management provides a curbside recycle service. A bin is provided to recycle cans, plastics and paper. This service is provided twice a month. Visit or call (800) 989-2783 for pick up dates in your area. For a list of accepted recyclable items click here.  

For yard waste
(city residents only-ID required): The leaf drop off area is available. This is located at 25th Street and the railroad tracks. Call the Granite City Street Department at (618) 452-6222 for more information.

2021 Yard Waste Leaf Drop Off Spring thru Summer Hours.jpg    or try:
2021 Yard Waste Leaf Drop Off Spring thru Summer Hours.pdf

To recycle old vehicles Residents may donate their old vehicles to Wheels For Wishes, a car donation program benefiting Make-A-Wish Illinois. Wheels for Wishes offers a free and easy way to recycle or donate unwanted cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, RVs, or even boats, by turning them into a wish for a local child. They pick-up or tow away cars free of charge, whether they run or not. Vehicles are either recycled or auctioned off and 100% of the net proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish Illinois. The person who donates may also receive the maximum possible tax deduction for your charity vehicle donation.  For more information visit