History of Granite City

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Granite City has a rich and varied history.  Prior to it's founding in 1896, it was home to various tribes of Native American Indians and was then settled by French and later English and German immigrants.  During the boom of the Industrial Revolution, Granite City became a prime location for industrial growth due to its central location and access to the Mississippi River.  It was during this time that industrialists, Frederick and William Niedringhaus founded their operations for the St. Louis Stamping Company that would eventually become Granite City Steel.

The City was then founded by these same men that brought the industrial revolution to Old Six Mile.  As people began to move here from all over the nation and the world, the City began to grow up around its industrial base.  Over time, things began to change, as they always do.  We are still an industrial town and thousands of people still rely on the steel mill to put food on their table, but the city, like the country is not as industrial as it once was.

In reading about the history of Granite City, one can find a fascinating array of stories about people from all walks of life who come from all over the world that saw Granite City as their opportunity to achieve the perennial goal: the American Dream.  In these pages, you can read about everyone from the early European settlers, to the wealthy industrialists, to the eastern European kids from Lincoln Place who led Granite City to its only state basketball championship in 1944.  The captain of that team, Andy Philip, went on to play in the NBA and is now in the NBA Hall of Fame.

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