Granite City Song

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Verse 1: Come on, ev'rybody and gather 'round.
Let's sing a song about our hometown.
A city that's packed with things to do,
Jobs and sports and shopping, too!

CHORUS: Granite City, Granite City, Granite City, It's the place to be.
Granite City, Granite City, Granite City, The place for you and me.

Verse 2: Available housing and places to play,
Hotels and motels for people to stay,
'Wanna go shopping? That's just fine.
There are lots of places to shop and dine.


Verse 3: We're the home of the Warriors-We are so proud!
We cheer on the teams by chanting out loud.
State soccer champs from our hometown,
Better athletes can't be found.


Verse 4: We've a "4th of July festival" that's so much fun.
The firemen set off fireworks when the carnival is done.
There's a holiday parade with many things so grand.
It's highlights are Santa's float and the high school band.

Verse 5: In winter we've got ice and snow,
So, to the ice rink - off we go!
Rollerblading in the springtime, Biking in the fall,
Swimming in the summer, Granite City has it all!

Special Thanks to Alicia Shaffer and the Spring 2009 Granite City IDEA LAB Students