Mayor's Vision/Agenda

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As the Mayor of Granite City, I am firmly committed to the development and growth of my hometown. As such, I have established a set of goals that, together, define my vision for the future of Granite City. My primary goals include, but are not limited to the following:

   • Maintain a planned growth
   • Further define our planned use development project
   • Continue to update our City ordinances to keep in full force our program to clean-up and beautify
   • Continue the Mayor’s Scattered Site Housing Program
   • Continue to revitalize our historic areas
   • Create a more business-friendly environment so as to be more attractive to businesses
   • Work to ensure a strong and diversified economy
   • Strive to attract high-paying jobs to Granite
   • Target high-tech businesses for attraction to the City
   • Provide resources for education/job-training to provide a well-trained labor force to fill future job openings  
   • Set up wireless access (WiFi) for the City
   • Continue updating the City government’s use of new technology
   • Continue to utilize the City’s own workforce for infrastructure improvements
   • Update and improve our Public Safety Departments 
   • Utilize experience from the 2006 storms to further mobilize our disaster reactions