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Welcome to my Hometown

Granite City has always been known as a “Steel Town” with all the associated connotations, both good and bad. Indeed, we have several large steel plants in the City, which provide high paying employment for thousands of people. We have grown, flourished, and, unfortunately, in the last few years stagnated. However, the word stagnant is no longer associated with my hometown.

With a great deal of help from a great many people and several revitalization programs, Granite is once again a growing and thriving community. Our outdated infrastructure was one of my top priorities. We are putting together a comprehensive plan to upgrade it, which includes:

   • Resurfacing many roads this year with plans already in place to resurface more in the years to come.
   • Upgrading the sewer system.
   • Building a second overpass on W. Pontoon Road.

We have become the new home for several new businesses, shops & restaurants, including our new Nameoki Commons shopping center, which continues to grow. In addition to the new businesses already in place, we are now beginning our plan for our revitalized historic downtown area, which includes the groundbreaking on our beautiful streetscape project, which began Spring of 2007.

Already, we have several development companies showing a great deal of interest in our project, along with a few forward thinking individuals who have already begun reworking some historic buildings in order to open their own unique businesses, or to provide lofts, apartments and rehabbed homes to new residents. With a planned unit zoning already in place, we can be sure that our new project will be of the highest quality.

We are adding new life to our older neighborhoods through my Mayor’s Scattered Site Housing Program; and, there are plans for 3 new subdivisions that are locating within the boundaries of Granite City.

There are many aspects of my town of which I am proud. The following is just a partial list of such:

   • Our City departments have some of the most highly trained individuals in the area.

   • Our Waste Water Treatment Plant provides services to the Southwest corner of Madison County

   • The April, 2006 issue of St. Louis Magazine, named our School District #1 in Madison County and #2 in the Metro East.

   • We are home to Southwestern Illinois College’s (SWIC) Sam Wolf Campus

   • Our Park District includes 175 acres of beautifully maintained green spaces along with new swimming pools, an indoor ice rink, numerous sports fields and year round activities for people of all ages.

   • Our Port District is an innovative entity that has already succeeded as a new business incubator site, along with being home to several new freestanding businesses.

   • Our Library is included in the Lewis and Clark Library System.

   • We have an expanding economy and residential base. 

   • We are proud of our diverse Ethnic, Religious and Historic heritage.
   • We are located within easy access to several highways, are home to multiple rail systems and we have direct   access to the Mississippi River, which makes us a perfect location for any business that can use a more economical means of product distribution.
   • With the re-opening of the McKinley Bridge in September 2007, we are less than a ten-minute drive to downtown St. Louis, making us an outstanding location to become a bedroom community for the entire region.

So, with the help of new ideas and cutting edge positive plans, I would like to welcome you to:

A town with a great future,

My hometown,

Granite City.

Ed Hagnauer