Judicial Courts

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The City of Granite City and the Madison County Circuit Court share the Municipal Court Room located on the first floor of City Hall, 2000 Edison Avenue, Granite City, IL. While the types of cases handled by each respective court do overlap in some areas, each respective court system has a uniquely designated purpose.

Municipal Court
The Municipal Court for the City of Granite City was established to handle the adjudication of ordinance violations. Handling the citations for many of the ordinance violations of the City enables the City to reduce the caseload for the County Circuit Court. Some of the case types handled by the Municipal Court include property maintenance complaints, including both sanitation and building code violations, some disorderly conduct complaints, such as excessive noise or barking dog complaints, leash law violations, derelict vehicle complaints, littering, and much more. Any state law violations, such as a speeding ticket or possession of illegal drugs, will be adjudicated through the Madison County Circuit Court.

Circuit Court
The Madison County Circuit Court manages a satellite office which is located within City Hall. Although there is some overlap between the case types handled by the Circuit Court and the Municipal Court, such as derelict vehicle complaints and disorderly conduct complaints, the Circuit Court mostly handles cases that are outside of the City’s legal jurisdiction. This includes state law violations such as speeding tickets, etc. The Circuit Court’s satellite office in Granite City, however, does not handle all of the types of cases that the main Circuit Court office does in Edwardsville, such as divorce cases.