City Council

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The ten-member City Council is the legislative forum for the City of Granite City. The Council may adopt and enforce ordinances of all types relating to local or municipal affairs and appropriate to the good government of the City.

Elected by the citizens of Granite City, members of the Council are dedicated to protecting the interests of their constituents. Council members are elected every two years for four-year terms. The terms are staggered so they start in different years. Members are non-partisan (they do not represent political parties) and are elected by ward (they represent a specific geographical area). The City is currently divided into five wards, and each ward has two council members.

In addition, the City Council has all other powers allowed to cities under the constitution, including those related to the acquisition, sale, ownership, improvement, maintenance, protection, restoration, regulation, use, leasing, disposition, vacation, abandonment or beautification of public ways, real property of all kinds, waterways, structures, or any other improvement or use of real or personal property, and in the rendering of local social, cultural, recreational, educational, governmental, or corporate services, including operating and supplying of utilities and municipal services. The Council also has authority over the City's powers of taxation.